This I Believe

Elizabeth - Nashville, Tennessee
Entered on December 1, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

With a Liberal Arts degree in 1978, I went to work as a sales clerk in an exclusive department store. From there, I climbed the ladder to answering service operator, luxury hotel operator and moved on to my current job of 17 years; medical secretary. Over two decades of waiting on people gave birth to my volunteer project: Operation Comfort the Soother. I tip well, even taxi drivers who barely speak English. I compliment customer service reps to their bosses, even for a cheery tone of voice, nothing spectacular. If I’m accidentally disconnected, I am pleasant when I call back, although once cut off, I may invoke the name of Jesus in vain. When I see a janitor pushing a cart full of boxes, I hold the elevator or hold the door. Since I deal with receptionists in doctors’ offices the most in my job, I am always pleasant, even if I am on hold a long time. During this holiday season when tensions can run high, lines get long and companies get busy, if I have a bad day, I do what I learned to do when I worked for a luxury hotel. After a bad day, I would deliberately do something nice for a sales clerk. Now that I work in a hospital, my chances of taking out my kindness on others has multiplied. Now I can give a nurse a warm greeting or give an X-Ray tech a dollar since the soft drink machine didn’t work in our breakroom. Even on my day off, I can lead a family to the Childrens’ Emergency room. When I wrote the draft of this essay, instead of ‘it feels good’, I wrote ‘it feels God’. For those Atheists listening, just know it feels better.