Not Everyone Should be Forgiven

Kacey - Greeley, Colorado
Entered on November 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that forgiveness is an amazing healing tool but not every one deserves to be forgiven. I believe that just because your mother carries you for nine months that does not give her the right to raise you. A mother must accept her responsibility and prove she is capable to raise a child. For me, addiction has always been something that has taken my mother away; once an addict always an addict. My mother put her two little girls both under two years old on the back burner, to resort back to her old ways. Leaving them alone with their father who tried to be everything but sometimes the pressure of raising to girls on his own took away the best of someone. I believe that the power of addiction is more powerful than the addict will ever admit. It is a drug that is paralyzing one to feel no obligation to take responsibility for her children, to put aside a ten year marriage, to leave behind a loving family, a promising career, for solitude and darkness. I believe that the courts do not always know what is best for the children, placing the children in a home with an addict for a mother is not always better than giving custody to an inexperienced father.

I believe that the reason for not growing up with a mother in my life is cause of her addiction to the high, of never being satisfied with what she has in her life, always wanting more. However, I believe that running from her problems will never allow me to forgive her. I believe that the power of the Lord will allow her to change her ways and someday, with the help of others, see it was not the court’s fault she lost custody of her first two children. I believe it was the power of her addiction that caused her to loose the best things in her life, her children and husband. I believe her leaving is the best thing that ever happened to me, especially with a mother who truly loves me, I now know what unconditional love is. I believe that some people do not deserve forgiveness; I feel my life is whole without her and that forgiveness would allow her to know that it was okay to leave when times were tough, that resorting back to drug use to escape responsibilities was okay. I believe that forgiveness is just giving a second chance and some people screw up bad enough the first time they do not deserve a second.