This I Believe

Harvey - Lampe, Missouri
Entered on November 30, 2007
Age Group: 65+

Two years ago my wife and I were keeping our 2 year old grandson while his parents were away on vacation. Needless to say we watched many cartoons and more TV than usual. I began to become aware of how little the word Christmas was used in commercials. It was replaced with Holiday Season, For the Holidays, Holiday Shopping etc. I first thought I was missing something until I noticed the same absence on ever channel we watched. One channel went so far as to wish us a Merry Nicksmas. It appears that political correctness has now taken Christ completely out of Christmas. Many have been aware of the commercialization of Christmas and the lost focus of the original purpose for the celebration, the birth of Jesus Christ. It seems the health of the economy and Wall Street has taken precedence over the spiritual health of our culture. Where are the voices of the religious community. How did this happen? Does this issues not deserve the same outcry as homosexuality, abortion, same sexmarrigages. I for one think it deserve a lot more attention than any of those issues. It lies at the heart of a culture that has become very hypocrital. Those issues are just a part of the overal issue. Interesting that the world is once again in serious financial trouble. You ask what I believe. I believe in the laws of the universe that Jesus and other prophets were trying to teach us. And I also believe the mess we are in is because of not adhereing to these principals. What has happened to Christmas is just one of many examples.Wether is be unnecessary wars, degrading television programs, or dishonesty in the legal system, business and government, we reap what we sew. This I believe.