This I Believe

Margaret - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 30, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

As of Dec 1, 2007, this I believe:

We have surged with extreme prejudice

swiftboarded our democratic truths

petreu’ed our understanding of the Middle East

waterboarded habeas corpus

sharia’d and alberto’d our land of immigrants

privatized our constitution.

Start at the beginning.

Geese winter in the marshes outside Baghdad

where winter crops used to be wheat and oilseed.

Now, the Big Dipper

low on the horizon,

drips honey

into kurdish mouths

hungry for oil revenues from fields

no longer plained in prosopis or camelthorn,

and starved children and sand grouse peck

at ancient, sterile barley seeds.

Ganges sharks, halliburton oil mongers,

and Prince’s (or is it the Sheik’s) blackwater shooters

high on steroids and drugs

have swum as far north as Baghdad,

but the fat-tailed sheep have deserted the riverain areas

of tamarisk and sedges

heading for the warmer clime of talibanism.

For years Aleppo pines and oaks

have been planted around the Green Zone’s kingdom,

greening bush’s attempt to sustain our oil addiction.

Summer’s shamals are exhausted;

dry winds won’t soothe scorched flesh back onto skulls

ripped open by friendly ied’s.

Basra’s so safe though, don’t ya know?

our faith-based initiative has worked!

The surge ok’d shiites and sunnis to kill their evangelicals,

oops, their crazies, the fringe, al-quaida types,

still surging one thousand six hundred and eighty five days post

Mission Accomplished.

The fine alluvial soil blows freely

through a blasted civilization of skeletal buildings

and broken tea cups,

cauterizing the eyes of crying boots on the ground

(who much later from now will be stats, emotional disasters

at Walter Reed or homeless,

nameless on the streets of middle America)

and blinding the eyes of republicans and democrats

coyly afraid of arab leagues, vedic verses, zoroaster,

and electoral college votes.

Jazirah’s history from 1917 is island,

multiple treaties throughout the twenties, tv;

While Condi and W fiddle at Annapolis,

king faisal compromises from the seventies.

Can fresh dates @ $100.00/barrel

surge through this stickiness to sweeten the conversation?

we’ve outsourced morality to faith healers and compassionate


with glocks or kalashnikovs depending on the decade,

but when our moon is a crescent,

we see the earthshine on the rest of its circle.

And so, this, I believe:

we can find licorice plants where the waters run

between the Tigris and Euphrates.