This I Believe

joshua - lynnwood, Washington
Entered on November 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe that

Troops are heroes.

Imagine you away from your family and friends. Well, there are some people that are doing it right this minute; some have been away from their families for over two years. The reason I believe support our troops is because, they are not just being challenged physically, but they are being challenged mentally. The reason I say that troops are heroes, is because of the fact that they are over in some foreign country fighting for a cause that is called freedom, I know for a fact that they are doing this because they love their country, and that people that are in the country. Further more another reason that they are heroes is because they are jumping in front of bullets for people that they don’t even know, also they are willing to die for the people that they know or that they don’t know. That in my eyes is one reason they are heroes. The other reason that they are heroes, in my eyes, is because they are willing to do something for their country, when other people are not willing to help their country in a time of need. Therefore, some one must stand up for the country and be willing to die for their country. Third of all, they are heroes not only to their country, but also in the eyes of their community, the reason I say this, is because of the fact that they not only do things for their country, they also help out in the community, some examples are: they help out during the flood seasons, they also help out in natural disasters, they also help out charities, and they also help out during the holidays, especially they help out the homeless in their communities.

That is why I say they are heroes and that is way we should support our troops. Another reason that we should support our troops is because that they are willing to sacrifice their daily life to serve our country, then when they come back they don’t have a job and so they have to find a new job, that is not the right way we should treat our troops, we should give our troops the jobs that they had when they left, and give them back to them when they come home. That is my belief.