This I Believe

Bonnie - Rock Island, Tennessee
Entered on November 30, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the magic of dancing; even though, I’m not a professional dancer. I’m a wife, a stepmother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt; and, I simply love to dance. I’m not talking about measured steps and set patterns. I’m talking about the kind of dancing that is spontaneous – the kind your mind doesn’t control. The dance of emotion and spirit. The dance that frees your soul to live in the present, to savor the moment.

As a little girl growing up in rural Tennessee, my family danced to the lively old tunes my grandfather played on his fiddle. I remember the sound and the give of the wood floors as my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and I jumped, stomped, circled, and gyrated to the music. I felt unconditional love and genuine happiness fill the air in the room as we shared the music and the rhythm through dance.

As a high school and college student in the seventies, I danced to the disco music of the decade. Oh yes, I watched American Bandstand, and I could do the hustle. The dance floor was a place where everyone was friends, even those who were strangers. The magic of the music and the moves brought us together as one.

After college, when my own nephew and nieces were born, I loved holding them close and slowly dancing to soft lullabies. As we rocked and swayed to the gentle rhythm, I marveled at their tiny perfection. I felt their heartbeat become my own.

My stepchildren were ages four, seven, and ten when I married their father. They have always known I love to dance. When they were little, I would coax them into dancing silly children’s dances with me. We became a family as we learned, laughed, played and danced to the music. The youngest is now twenty-two, and they still dance with me!

I love to dance with my husband. Whether the music is slow, and he holds me closely, or the music is fast, and we wiggle and jiggle all around, the dance wraps itself around us closing out the rest of the world. We’ve danced at the Rainbow Room, atop Rockefeller Center. We’ve danced on our boat. We’ve danced at our children’s weddings. We dance at home when we are alone. No matter where we are, when we dance, I see only his soft brown eyes and the laughter, joy, and love that shines through them for me.

I believe dancing creates opportunities for spontaneous laughter, shared special moments, quiet comfort, silly rituals, and loving memories. I believe dancing is magic.