This I Believe

Danielle - Americus, Georgia
Entered on November 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: injustice

Police are Not Our Friends

Police are not our friends. Of course there are a few exceptions, very few. I’m sure police officers can be such friendly people, when they’re off duty. It must be something about that uniform that gives many of them too much of a sense of power. They feel like they are in control of everything they see, everything in their designated area of authority. They are above the law that they so strictly enforce. Police officers are so superior that only what they say matters. As long as you respect them, no other form of respect should be expected in return.

Many people I know have complained about disrespectful officers stopping them without good reason. A friend of mine said that an officer stopped her for speeding and asked for her keys. With her father being a police officer, she knew that having your keys taken away wasn’t a part of a cop’s routine to deal with speeding. More and more often on the news, I hear reports of people questioning whether an officer acted justly or if he used too much force for the misdemeanor they were addressing. The justice system is definitely not perfect.

Just a few nights ago, a security officer at nearby school felt the need to have a word with me, apparently just for pulling into the parking lot after curfew. If I wasn’t going inside the dorm, playing any loud music, or causing any trouble, why would he want to speak to me? He rambled on about something I didn’t quite understand until I later realized the tone he was taking with me. According to him, I believe I’m from a better institution, and I must have had my music up loud since I didn’t respond to his honking at me, being young female alone in her car at one in the morning. Only because my attitude was getting “too out of hand,” did he leave me alone. Why didn’t he just save his breath and ask if I was there to pick someone up? Then both of us could have gone our separate ways much sooner.

The image that television programs have painted into our minds about police officers portray them as being kind people who are there to protect us. As I have grown, this image has become somewhat distorted. In some cases they do protect us, but in other cases it seems like cops feel that as long as they are respected or feared, there will be order in the world. They don’t need to show respect to those “below” them. They’re allowed to take a rude tone of voice with everyone and question anyone without a good reason. I guess attempting to intimidate whoever they encounter is all a part of their duty.