Making Mistakes

Brittany - Willcox, Arizona
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe that when you have children and you raise them on your rules. You teach them right from wrong. You also teach them that drugs are not accepted. You send them to a small public school where the school starts at Kindergarten to eight grades. But there is only one high school to send them to. When you child goes to high school for the first time they are going to be scared because this school compared to the school they came from is going to be a lot more broad. They choose their friends, boyfriends and anyone else they might choose to make them selves quittances with. They are very active in school activated and extracurricular activates. They go out on the weekends and you give them a certain time that they need to be home they are home early. The second and third year is high school is when it seems that you child is changing. The kind of clothes they are wearing. The friends that they are bringing home for you to meet that go for their boyfriends also. Not only are they hanging out with people that look like they are trouble their grades are also dropping. You notice that you are missing money and you are missing things are you have had in storage or in you house. You ask them if they having been messing with drugs and they flip completely out. They say no mom or dads I am not messing with drugs are you kidding. Then one day while they are at school you decide that you are going to look through their room to see if you can find any drugs. There are drugs in their rooms and you cannot believe that once your childs life was going good and then you notice now that is doing nothing but going down hill. They are in and out of jail. In and out of trouble with the cops you are always getting phone calls about what you child is doing wrong. Then you get that call that your child is going to be going to jail for while because they were caught with a lot of drugs. And you are totally devastated you hope while they are going to be in jail that they are going to realize what they have. And what they are going to lose if they do not straight up their life what the road of their life could be like. Now you child is getting out of jail and has common sense about what life is like and the mistakes that they made. They tell you how sorry they are for all the things that they have done to you. And they realize that you were only trying to help them not make them angry with you. That is why this I believe that parents says they are not good parents when there child makes mistakes but you have to allow your self to let you child realize that on their own. From personal experience I know what I put my parents through I am now going to have a child myself and I realize the common mistakes that I made and I will always know to listen to my parents because they were right weather I wanted to believe that or not.