This I Believe

Darian - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The Only Relationship

There’s only one relationship that could channel a child through life with the ease of ease. Only one relationship that makes you feels so much better when you need that one person. Only one relationship that you can have, when you can look up to that special person, that guiding role model that you look up to so dearly. Only one relationship when you know that person that has been there for you since day one will continue and always and forever be there for you. That relationship I’m talking about is that relationship between father and son, father and daughter. The only relationship, I mean the ONLY relationship that occurs that will drastically alter the future and well being of a child. I believe a child shouldn’t have to come into this world, begin a new life, a new beginning, without having that relationship, that relationship between child and father. About 24.7 million children in the U.S. live in a household with an absentee father, and about 72.2% of the population in the U.S. has made fatherless ness one of the most significant social problems today. Do you know why that is, that reason is because there are so many men you can’t step up to the plate and accept there responsibility. They’re no reason why a father shouldn’t be in a child’s life, none at all. There are no excuses. If you want to be in that child’s be in that child’s life. There’s nothing to think about just do it. You can’t prove your love or care from a far you have to be there. Did you know that about 40% of the children who live in absentee father households haven’t seen their fathers in at least a year while 50% of children who don’t live with their fathers have never stepped foot in their father’s home. Isn’t that shocking, it shouldn’t even be 1%. Shows where are priorities are as a country. Does a child really deserve to be brought up in the world with only a mother, does a child deserve to be to see all the other kids at school get picked up by there dad and the only one with the same clothes and toys from other years because living with only a mother makes it so your family income is far lower than the others. I can tell you I live with out a father I’ve lived with out one since the day of my birth, I’ve never had the “talk”, never learned how to talk to a girl, how to defend myself, but guess I learned on my own, I struggled on my own and till this day I still struggle on my own. I used to wonder after seeing all the statistics. How would my life have changed, would I be one of those straight “A” student, would I live in the suburbs of Tosa and be able to walk or ride my bike to school. Instead of living in the ghettos of 5th and Keefe, when I have to wake up at 5 every morning to catch 3 buses to school standing in the heat sweating or in the cold freezing my ass off just for a damn bus that most of the time is late or way to early. Would I be some spoiled kid cocky kid that gets whatever the hell they want. Who knows only the man upstairs who made things the way they are. At times I’m a glad things are the way they are, I wouldn’t be the way I am now. In my case who cares about the statistics cuz I’m not included in those I don’t drink yeah I’ve tried, I don’t smoke and I never will, I have never been suspended, my record is as clean. I guess it all depends on how u grows up, and who you look up to. I believe a child should not have to grow up with out that relationship because it would be a whole lot easier it I had that only relationship.