This I Believe

Joshua - San Marcos, Texas
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity


I have heard it said that there is just a little bit of truth in every story. It’s wishful thinking, I know. Some of the stories that I hear are simply too fantastic to be believed. Cinderella? Please. No nation, European or Slavic, would permit their prince to marry a common woman. Saint George and the Dragon? Compelling as the story is, our scientific enlightenment informs us that there are not, and never were, such things as dragons, so a knight errant would never be able to save a virgin princess from being devoured by one. I can read about these events and be caught in the adventure of the moment, but in the end it’s only good entertainment. Whether I venture down a yellow brick road, travel through Middle Earth, or drift through space in a galaxy far, far away, I always come back to drab, dull reality.

My real life is boring. My alarm clock rings and I start pounding through the motions. Brush teeth, take a shower, load my backpack and go to class. Every day it’s the same thing with no battles to fight, no dragons to slay, no damsels to rescue. Instead I take notes, read text, and type essays. Where’s the excitement in that?

When the night is dark but I can’t sleep, I lie on my bed and let my mind drift. I wonder if I am under a spell, a spell called Typical that binds me with complacency. It lets me read books and watch movies, but denies me my own adventure. Typical keeps me inside, keeps me safe, keeps me dead. If I could break through the enchantment and look at my life with cleansed eyes, what would I find? Am I really living in my own adventure, complete with a beautiful woman to rescue?

I believe that I live too close to my circumstance to see true reality, and that is the strength of Typical. When I take the time to reflect on all that I have done, I see that I have accomplished more than the emptiness that plagues my everyday. I have scrapped a living for myself with nothing but a home school education and a prayer as capital. I have done my part in keeping soldiers alive and safe on the dusty, bomb ridden streets of Iraq. I have found a beautiful woman to rescue for the rest of my life, and while she was not born in a gleaming palace, she’s princess enough for me. I believe in myth, in incredible story of fighting and adventure, and that I am living inside of one now.