This I Believe

Marianne - Austin, Texas
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe in hugs.

I love hugging and getting hugged by people. I’d hug anyone! Well, I’m more likely to hug someone I actually know… but I still love hugs. Whenever I get hugged or hug someone, it makes me feel happy because I feel like I’m sharing something precious with a person I care about.

When children feel upset about something, they go to their mother or father for comfort. And that comfort is usually expressed by a few consoling words and a nice big hug. I almost always feel better after I’ve hugged someone. I think that’s also the reason why children sleep with stuffed animals or carry them around. Those fuzzy creatures are perfect for grabbing a quick squeeze when the need arises. I admit, I sill sleep with a stuffed animal. I love my immensely fat rabbit! He gives me something to hold on to when I go to sleep and is nice to hug whenever, just for fun! This is especially true now that I’m in college and can’t glomp (tackle hug) my parents or friends any time I want to. Mind you, hugging a real person is more rewarding than hugging an inanimate object… even if that inanimate object happens to be adorable and soft.

I miss being able to go places and always feel like I have someone I can throw my arms around who won’t look at me like I’m crazy or avoid me afterwards. Okay, that isn’t everyone’s reaction… but you get the idea. I don’t feel like I know that many people in college well enough to feel comfortable enough to hug them. And the few people I do know, I don’t get to see very often. When I do, it’s usually in a class where random hugging is generally frowned upon. I love going back home and visiting old friends because I get hugs aplenty! And I get even more hugs than usual because I’m not around all that often. It’s a good excuse, at least. Recently, I went home to visit my old high school theatre buddies and see how everyone was doing and the show they were putting on. I think my friend Caitlin must have hugged me at least five times. But I didn’t mind one bit! Being able to see and hug my friend again made me feel extremely happy. It brought back the warm feeling of being loved and cared for, which I missed form being in college and not seeing her as well as my other friends.

This year, I discovered Free Hug Day, which is on September the 10th. Though I didn’t get the chance to hug very many people (sadly only three), I think Free Hug Day is a wonderful concept! Some people I’m sure would find it really awkward… And it can be if you choose to make it so… But I think that if more people hugged each other—even if they didn’t actually know each other—the world would be a much friendlier place.