This I Believe

Mike - 78666, Texas
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

Family Cinema

I believe in going to the movies. Watching a good movie has always been one of my favorite time-wasting activities. The entire experience captivates me and holds my attention – walking into a dark theater, sitting down in a comfortable chair, and snacking on food as I watch a movie on an enormous projection screen with the sound turned up.

Despite the fact that we saw each other every night, my siblings and I all had extra curricular activities such as soccer, gymnastics, and basketball that we attended daily. We were always away on our own doing these activities. I began to notice that we were slowly drifting apart. I began to see my dad less during the weekdays, and my mom was always driving and dropping us kids off at various places. Our dinners together consisted of five to fifteen minutes of us scarfing down our food then running off to continue whatever we had been doing.

As a young boy, my love for going to the movies, I noticed, was only shared by the other members of my family. As my brother, Brandon, and I aged into our teens we frequently began to visit the theaters. One Friday afternoon, my Dad arrived home from work. He had worked all day everyday that week. My brother and I convinced him to take us to see The Bourne Identity. We had a great time, and later that night the movie was the only thing that my brother and I could talk about. Since that day, whenever my Dad would come home from work on the weekends, he would take us to see a movie if we did not already have plans. It quickly began to develop into our family activity; soon enough we started dragging my mom and sister with us.

Going to the movies brought my family together in many ways: it kept us more involved in each others lives, increased our communication with each other, and helped keep the peace. Usually after seeing a movie we would go out to dinner. The movie always provided a topic that we could all discuss. By having conversations with my family during these times I was able to bond with my siblings as well as my parents. This in return indirectly stopped us from constantly antagonizing and annoying each other. I actually enjoyed being at home now that we are getting along most of the time.

The movies are the reason my family is close as we are, and has made many wonderful memories. My love for the movies will never wane, I look forward to carrying on our tradition come summer.