Family Unity

Collins - Little Elm, Texas
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I can remember back to my freshman year of high school; it was my first high school homecoming and everything was going perfect. I got out of school early, my brother won homecoming king, and my best friend Wou led our football team to a victory at the homecoming game. Then it happened. My freshman year switched from day to night; I lost my really close friend.

My friend was very close to my brother and I, so it had felt like we basically won twice in one night. It was the first and last game that Wou’s grandpa had traveled out to actually watch his grand child play his senior year. The Little Elm Lobos were victorious September 12th, 2003 and were ready to go out and celebrate. My friend decided to go out and party with people while my brother and I went home. September 13th, 2003 I woke up to an unusual phone call at 7 a.m. My brother came in the room on the phone with one of our friends saying, “I don’t believe you. Is this a joke?” I got on the phone only to hear what that possible joke could’ve been. She was crying. She was hesitant. Then very slowly my early joyous morning turned into a nightmare when she finally uttered, “Wou and Therisa got in a car accident last night after the game.” I was used to hearing about people I knew being in car accidents, so I was curious to why she was crying so much whenever she informed me; so I said, “well where are they? Are they ok?” She slowly replied stuttering and crying to say, “Wou fought for as long as he could, he made it to the hospital and fought, but he…he’s…he died in the hospital.” I immediately got off the phone and went to tell my parents, because our friend, Wou, was basically apart of our family.

My parents, sisters, and friends all gave my brother and me comfort. I know without my family I would have never made it through the tragedy I faced my freshman year. I woke up every morning scared it would happen again. I woke up every morning feeling the rest of my freshman year would be almost as gloomy as September 13th. I finally began to realize the little things in my life helped me feel better each day. The smiles of my younger sisters would lighten my mood. The tranquilizing words of my parents would bring me to an ease. The mutual feeling of mourn, understanding, and the drive to achieve happiness from my brother helped me realize it was fine to still be confused. The relaxing feeling of family prayer to God helped me realize everything would be okay someday. I had finally found my medicine. It was my family. I believe family will always be there to care and most importantly, love in a time of need. I believe in family unity for reasons like this.