Brotherhood above Man

mark - san diego, California
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in brotherhood, camaraderie among men. I remember in high school a clear starry evening with a calm ocean breeze and silence along a secluded farm road. Motion suddenly broke the stillness as a sunfire yellow Camaro roared down with me and my best friends inside. I’ve shared more life experiences with my brothers than anyone else, we did that by taking every opportunity to seize the day.

As a child I formed this belief that I found it through sport. My teammates and I shared in the sorrow of a loss and the glee of victory. We learned how to work together to get what we wanted, and we motivated each other to get better. I remember a time when I felt like I let the team down by giving the other team a penalty shot. After they made the tying shot I became very frustrated, and my coach noticed this. He said in a very French accent “Mark son, do not let him do that again.” I didn’t let them down, and because of that my team won the state championship.

My best teammates became best friends and now we have bonded as brothers. The term brother could be a reference to any relationship however I use it in my circumstance to show the deep connection shared among men. The sense of brotherhood comes beyond intellectual aptitude, financial capability, it is about perceived commitment to adding to the success of all the brothers. This transformation into brotherhood came when we were faced with a new challenge, which is, going away to Collage. As fate would have it my brothers all moved away from our hometown to the same University.

I continue to share daily life with these links trying to take every opportunity to live life to the fullest. I have realized that I have my most enjoyable occasions when I’m with my brothers. Sometimes that is in competitive sport, other times it is when courting ladies. Like my French coach before I was motivated by my brethren, this time it was to strike up a conversation with two young ladies engaged in tennis. At first I felt I was letting my friend down because a one sided conversation ensued with my head moving side to side following the yellow ball. Finally I got them to pause, and after a brief conversation we had achieved our combined goal by talking them into meeting again.

With this fraternity among men it becomes apparent to me that I can accomplish anything. It is because of many experiences and challenges I’ve shared and by having a common goal we, as a brotherhood, motivate and support a successful future. I believe nothing is more powerful than the camaraderie of motivated, skilled, and dedicated brothers with a common goal. Committing yourself to others makes a fraternity among friends become the mindset of brotherhood.