The Big Picture

Justin - San Diego, California
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

There are points in everyone’s life where nothing matters but the “here and now” and we lose sight of all those negative and unimportant aspects that we are challenged with daily. Unfortunately for most these opportunities are hard to come by and most likely underappreciated. I believe that too often do we as humans lose focus on the true importance of living and get so wrapped up in materialism and petty conflicts that the most precious things such as love, laughter, and life itself lose true meaning.

How many times have you argued with a spouse, friend, or other loved one for hours or even days and at the end of the whole thing you both realize how minor and ridiculous the whole argument was. This is true for life in general these days. People are so caught up in wealth, employment, and other dimensions of life that they forget to “stop and smell the roses”.

Life itself is the most beautiful gift any of us has ever been given, but in all honesty when’s the last time you stopped and appreciated life as much as you did that new electronic device you got for your birthday last year? It doesn’t happen. We grow up and we gain knowledge, and with that knowledge we lose that sense of humble naivety that was once a barrier between “the real world” and the world that we got lost in with all ambitions.

There’s some desire in everyone to just forget everything and go back to acting like a six-year-old; oblivious to the hardships around and so wrapped up in the joy of the moment that it’s the only that really matters. To do this all the time would be impossible in a world such as ours, but I’m not saying that you should lose all touches with reality, I’m simply claiming that, even if for just two minutes a day, everyone should experience that refreshment.

It’s hard work to appreciate the little things in life with all the commotion that we see on a daily basis and we all know this. My point is that no matter how hard things may seem or how deep you may have dug yourself in, that feeling of pure and honest enjoyment for living really beats any feelings of despair. If nothing else, take ten seconds to think about a truly happy time in your life before you scream at your wife, or punch your little brother, and I guarantee that that thought outweighs whatever is on your mind. We as humans lose sight of the big picture that life is beautiful and we should cherish every breath, and this I truly believe.