Ghost Stories

Kim - New Canaan, Connecticut
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: afterlife

I believe in ghosts; I believe that there are spiritual presences that do occasionally interact with us. At times I think I may be crazy for believing in ghosts and I usually will not tell someone that I do. Then again I am not alone in my belief; 34% of people believe in ghosts along with 48% believing in extrasensory perception. But then there are also people whom upon hearing about ghosts say; “Ghosts are for people who cannot let go of those who died”, and they do not that lift my spirits on the matter.

When I lost my father everything seemed to turn upside down. I did not want to have any sort of memory, I wanted to move on and forget because I figured that would be less painful than continuing to remember loosing him. However the memory of my father continued to came back stronger and stronger the more I suppressed it.

I knew everything would be all right soon after I made the transition to college. Once at Clark University I decided to join the crew team. That meant that I would have to wake up every morning at 5:15 for practice. Though I drearily sat in a van driving to the lake every morning, and could very well have been seeing things, I could swear that on a pond in Worcester, Massachusetts I saw a Great Blue Heron taking flight. A heron was always a symbol of my father and I believe that heron was my father watching over me and letting me know that everything would be ok.

I believe in ghosts in whatever form they take, whether it is some sort of animal or a feeling in a room. I believe in whatever helps a person get as close as they can to the people that they loose because sometimes what they need the most is any sort of sign from those they lost; how to interpret those signs is up to them. However all signs can be interpreted very differently. At six in the morning after very little sleep it is possible to construe things to look like whatever is on your mind or whatever you want it to be. However I believe that they are ghosts watching those I love and myself. Believing can make loosing someone easier or help accomplish what is needed so I choose to believe.