This I Believe

Chet - Monticello, Minnesota
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: community

This I Believe.

When my wife and I first got married in 1989 we found this 2.5 acre hobby farm about 30 miles outside of the Twin cities in Minnesota. The most significant feature of this hobby farm is the 1890’s 2 story farm house that sits in the middle of the property. The house was white and had 2 steep roofs that intersected each other to form a cross. My wife thought that this house would be perfect to decorate for Christmas. I was reluctant about climbing the steep roofs to an altitude of about 40 feet but being a newly wed I was determined to get it done. After I put all the lights on I had to admit that the house did look pretty good. Well, this had been going on for about 8 years and I was getting pretty bored with dealing with lights that did not work and running up and down my ladder.

My wife had started doing daycare a couple of years earlier and one of the daycare mom’s, an OR Technician commented that she overheard some of the doctors and nurses at the hospital in town commenting about our house and the Christmas decorations. They were saying that they knew that it was really Christmas when they could see the big white farm house with all the lights come on.

This struck me like a bolt of lightning. I never realized that I have been having an effect on these people and it really pleased me that some perfect stranger would appreciate all that I had done. The revelation that one person can make a difference in others lives really struck home with me at that moment. It made me realize that anyone, everyone could be a spark to another to change the way they look at the world and maybe be the spark to influence another and another and another to possibly change the world. We may be just a speck in the universe but we still can make a diffence. We maybe would not be able to change the world but we might be able to change one persons perpective to be able to have that person look at some thing a little differently and maybe be able to change a life in a positive direction. We all need to believe especially today that we matter in the world.

So now it has been 17 years and right after Thanksgiving you will find me up on the roof and the reason ; I believe.