The Influence of Enthusiasm

Kelly - Worcester, Massachusetts
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in enthusiasm. What makes ideas, events and feelings so great is the passion and excitement behind them, pushing them forward into something bold and wonderful. Enthusiasm creates fun. It composes persistence, correlations, successes and smiles, and is the binding feature in any game, competition, or affair. It is the positive assist in case of failure, and will boost anything constructive that has somehow descended into boredom. It is dependable to create success in any situation.

Enthusiasm is the prime deterrent of awkward situations and the leading element to have fun with limited resources. In my hometown, we had parties, dance parties. Not the typical middle school dances in dusty gyms for three hours. Our dance parties were fun, exuberant and wild. One dance party that is most memorable was a “seventies versus eighties” dance party. We ripped and sewed old clothing to make the best models of the seventies and of the eighties. Once we were dressed to go, our apparel could beat anyone’s in comparison.

We arrived as a group: a powerful and manipulative cluster. I surveyed the room to see one person attempt to throw down some moves, but she was too distracted by her embarrassment to continue. I stealthily took her place in the dancing realm. I sauntered out toward the middle of the room where I spotted a gap in the mob of people, and began to dance. I smiled, for I knew that once my dancing had begun, so did the party. I moved with elaborate motions, careless of my surroundings and ignoring the few strangers standing awkwardly in the corner. I focused on my wildly flailing arms and obscure attire. Soon, others joined me and we danced to Funk music with unrecognizable moves that under most circumstances would attract severely odd glances. Our enthusiasm corrupted our conformity to the norm, and with it the party grew.

My spinning body and never-before-used motions led to competitive dance-offs and blissfully fatigued muscles. Naturally, my group of enthusiastic friends won victories over the opposing dancers. Everyone was on their feet, moving wildly and having so much fun. The lame persons had, by the end, left the party to lead their lame night elsewhere, while we remained at the party, experiencing the greatest time of our lives. Our prediction of a great night was fulfilled, due to the enthusiasm of my fellow partiers. This “seventies versus eighties” dance party became the “greatest dance party of the year”, quoted by a Wesleyan student whom we met there. I take pride in that my own enthusiasm supported that this party acquire this title.

Anything can be awesome if enthusiasm is present. Dancing suddenly becomes the greatest event possible and odd situations are lifted. It creates smiles when otherwise bored expressions would take over. Enthusiasm is the ultimate healer of any unpleasant position. I believe in enthusiasm because it is great and loud and so wonderful, it never ceases to fail me.