This I Believe

Jessica - Gulfport, Mississippi
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30


I believe in impossible things. Impossible things shouldn’t exist, but possibly could. It is the impossible things that intrigue the mind and inspire it to think. It is the kind of impossible that begins tales and legends. It is impossible things that motivate children to think outside the box and learn to be themselves. An impossibility that’s sole purpose is to spawn ideas and birth creativity in the mind of a young child. In a time when original thought is encouraged, yet contained, it’s an impossible thing that frees the mind, opening it wide to experience the real world around them.

I believe curiosity is a one of the most inhuman of the human emotions. While society gives us the facts and rules that we learn to live by, the mind still ponders and still questions, despite what it’s told. As a child, I was by far, the nosiest and demanding human child being my parents had ever encountered. When I was not asking questions, I was debating the answers they had given me. When they told me something didn’t exist, I automatically argued saying that it did and I was going to prove it.

It is through this curiosity that I began to believe in impossible things. The things in the world that were said not to exist, but in my mind, did. Through impossible things, my mind truly grew and expanded when I believed in impossible things. The things that brought me hope when I was sad, and brought me wonder when I was bored. The wonders of legends told to me as a child became real. In my mind the Loch Ness Monster really does exist, and aliens did indeed crash land in Roswell. The impossible things we are told not to believe, and not to encourage. If there is anything worth believing it is impossible things. This is what I believe.