This I Believe

Khiem - Worcester, Massachusetts
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in self confidence. I believe this way because being self confident is comparable to trusting ourselves. Trust is an essential quality in life. Trusting others breeds gardens of friends and opportunities. Trusting ourselves brings courage and strength. As simple as it may sound, being confident in our abilities is a difficult task as everyone has their doubts.

During the senior year of my high school career, I seriously doubted myself. As a timid male with poor public speaking abilities, making a speech on graduation day was one of my biggest fears. Even though I never made a speech before, I faced the challenge. I firmly grasped onto the task at hand and looked forward with unshaken eyes. That did not last long. A week before graduation, I realized that hundreds of people will listen to my speech. The fact that friends, teachers, relatives, and strangers are all going to be focusing on me while I stand on stage was nerve racking. The doubt really began to sink in as I didn’t feel I could present a touching yet original speech in front of hundreds of people.

Graduation day finally came and I couldn’t be anymore shaken up. Everything was insignificant at the time. Walking to the stage while the crowd eagerly stared at our movements, the speakers rising to the podium, and the applause reverberating around the room, none of them could take my mind off of my upcoming speech. The doubt of success loomed over my head, waiting for the chance to stick it to me. The feeling of nervousness that strangled me the entire way became amplified when I heard, “Now I present to you, our valedictorian, Khiem Nguyen!” I slowly walked towards to the podium, trying to not make a fool of myself by tripping.

“Good evening everyone,” I stuttered. The faces all stared at me. Though I tried, doubt held me back. I suddenly stumbled on the school name as I nearly said UPS instead of UPCS. Everything blanked out. My spot on the paper and the next word of the speech vanished from my mind. I was standing there doing completely nothing. Though it was only for a brief second, it felt like an eternity. The sudden shift of time allowed an enlightening thought to emerge. There is nothing hard about making a speech. I could do this speech! The rest of the words flowed like a raging river. The tone, volume, and pronunciation all matched. Everything was perfect, at least for me. It was my self confidence allowed me to make a great speech. My self confidence is what pulled me through. That is why I believe that nothing can be done if we doubt ourselves. Everything can be done if we have self confidence.