The Belief in Teamwork

Jonathan - Worcester, Massachusetts
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Everybody must have something to hold on to and believe in throughout their life. I believe in teamwork. I don’t think it is possible to make it through life alone, and one thing that has taught me this is being on many different teams, with various types of people. I think that teams teach people not only how to complete tasks but help them discover themselves.

I think it is essential to be able to trust people and be open minded to their thoughts. I take pride in knowing that my efforts and working collaboratively with my teammates can help to earn a team goal.

One defining moment for me came in a heartbreaking loss during my Post-Graduate lacrosse season at Hebron Academy. We were facing our in-conference rival, North Yarmouth Academy, a very talented team. The work for that game started at the beginning of the week, in the class room, studying countless statistics of the Panthers: who their shooters were, how they move the ball, who had speed and especially where their goalie was vulnerable.

Entering halftime trailing 5-4 the team began to argue and place blame, as we were not playing the way we knew we were capable of. Shortly into the 3rd quarter, we found ourselves down 9-4, a deficit that seemed insurmountable against such a talented team. Going into the 4th quarter of the game, one of our captains silenced the huddle, forcing everyone to look at the scoreboard, then glance at the visiting team wallowing in their near certain victory. He spoke to us calmly, demanding that we expect more of ourselves and, at the very least, attempt to redeem our pride.

Following the discussion, we mounted a 5 goal run, tying the game in its final minute of play and nearly completing the victory with a last second goal that hit the post. The momentum that had developed in the final quarter carried into overtime, where a breakdown in communication lead to a devastating loss. Regardless of the outcome, that was the most powerful moment I have ever experienced on a team because everyone understood their duties in accomplishing a common goal.

I am very proud of belonging to teams that have helped me in life from first grade all the way through college. If I couldn’t work with other people, I would probably not be in college, writing this essay right now. Lacrosse teams have helped take me from a backup JV goalie to being a college goalie. I know that if it weren’t for my teammates, pushing me, telling me what I can do to better myself, I would have given up.

It takes every element of a team to achieve what needs to be done. Everyone from the second string players to the head coach have a role and needs to understand his role in order to work efficiently. I think that coaches are the most essential part of a team because without their guidance and facilitating, teams would be complete anarchy. Coaches always want what is best for their players as a team, not just individuals on the team.

I believe in teamwork. I know that the lessons I have learned from team experiences will help me in many other aspects of life, whether it is academics or athletics. Alone, it is easy to fail but with the help of trustworthy teammates, “common people can attain uncommon results” -Vince Lombardi. I believe in teamwork because if you can’t instill trust in your teammates, it’s hard to trust anyone at all.