To Be Human

Adam - Newport, Michigan
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humanism

I picture a certain scene in my mind as it plays like a movie. I try to figure out exactly how I am indeed a human. I was lying on the bench ready to lift for the first time, deciding that hard work would make me a better athlete. As I lay there, more teammates are walking into the weight room, while others to my right are squatting. The music in the background gets me ready for my lift. I can feel the adrenaline build up inside me. I tell my spotter to get ready. Weights are smashing the weight room floor with a serious clatter. The smell of sweat creates an odd atmosphere only few can handle. As I begin to lift the weight my coach walks in, smiling and satisfied that I am working hard.

After my lift, I get a drink of water that refreshes everything inside me getting rid of the dry taste in my mouth. Then I realize that I am going to have to lift it all over again. Gripping my hands on the rugged cold metal bar I just look to the future knowing that this will be worth it in the end.

What does all this mean? How does this story conclude that I am indeed a human? Well the main focus of that flashback is that I have five main senses. I can see. I saw my coach walking in. I can hear. I heard the weights hit the floor. I can touch. I gripped the cold metal bar. I can taste. I had a dry taste in my mouth until I was refreshed by the water. I can smell. The smell of sweat was in the atmosphere. I believe having the ability of the five senses and being able to react and decide with these five senses makes me feel human. I could think about the future knowing where I wanted to be. I can plan ahead to be the very best I can be. All of the five senses cause me to react and think.

Whether I am staring at the biggest building in the world or listening to the birds sing, I think in my mind that the building is huge and the birds sound annoying. I know that no matter what, I am a human, nothing can change that.