Music is life

Luis - San Diego, California
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe that music is a big part of life and life would be very meaningless with out music.

Some of the sweetest memories that I have a child involve music. I can still remember those sweet melodies that my mom used to sign to me, so that I could go to bed every night. Quickly, I would fall asleep to a Spanish melody that had been passed down from generation to generation.

Growing up I was very shy and to my self, but the one memory that my mother has of me was me signing while playing on my own. I guess it was a way of escaping into my own world. Growing up in a poor neighborhood as a child, I found that music was my way out of the killings, and out of the violence that surrounded me.

Finally as I came out of my shell of shyness, I develop a keen interest in the art of music. I realized that not only would I use music to escape really, but I would be able to give others that same gift of music. I began to sign when asked to do so, and I would find ways to entertain other with the god given talent of singing and the use of music.

It wasn’t until about the 9th grade, when I realized the enormous power that music had around the world. Growing up it was just used a tool to escape. Poetry, harmony, melody and rhythm came together in complex yet simplistic form, thus to create a rollercoaster of emotions. At this point I realize that music can cause a person feel a certain way. Causing some one to fall in love, or it can be use to gain an unexplainable energy before a basketball game.

Today I make music, to express what the people around me are felling and what I may have had experienced and seen in the past. There is no greater feeling knowing that you may have touched someone else’s sole with the expression of a pen, and accompaniment of song.

Picture I life with out music, a life filled with no emotions; that make us happy, make us cry, brings us sadness, or even fly. It gives hope to all that may feel trap, as it did for me as a child and still till this day. Music is culture, and represents our history. Most importantly it sheds color on the universe. So whether you’re at the ball game, signing “Take me out to the Ball Game”, or at a birthday party singing “Happy Birthday”, remember to be grateful for music because with out music there is no life.