This I Believe

Maddy - USA
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

The average person spends six months at a red light, five years dressing, six years in the bathroom, six years eating, twenty years sleeping, and many more years doing meaningless tasks of life. So where do I find the time for change, for progress, and when I do have those miniscule years to take a chance and make something of myself, to be remembered in this world, will I take advantage of it or will I let each moment slide by?

I believe in seizing the day, taking each moment as if it were my last, and doing my best at each opportunity I get because as far as I know there’s only one life for me to live.

I wake up in the morning hearing about death, sometimes gruesome and sometimes peaceful, in the echoes of the radio or a glance at the newspaper during breakfast. The obituaries show a picture of a young happy couple and a picture of the same couple fifty years later but this time old and weary, a paragraph sufficing to summarize the time in between the pictures. I wonder, if someone were to take the amount of happy days they had, would they outnumber the bad? Were they a good son or daughter, a good husband or wife, a good parent or friend? What were their goals? Were they reached? Did they go to heaven or did they go to hell? Did they have a dream, did they make it come true?

With each day I am presented with reminders of the briefness of life, but with each day I am also reminded of the fullness of it. A booklet of universities sitting on the newsstand, collegiate and important, a basketball sitting patiently waiting to be picked up, lined paper sitting idly waiting to be written on, all reminders of potential waiting to be fulfilled, a life waiting to be lived.

I believe that I have the power to change my course, if I seize the day and take every opportunity and every risk, I can make my happy days outnumber my bad days, I can be the best I can be, but only if I live each and every moment to its fullest potential. It doesn’t matter who I am on the inside, what matters is how I put who I am into action. The greats like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Caesar, Socrates, and many others who have permanently impacted the world didn’t sit back and watch as life steered their course, they seized the day, and they knew that they wouldn’t die without getting their say.

When I see my future, many full years to come, a life to build, colleges to pick from, school work to be done, skills to learn, new experiences to be experienced, I feel empowered. I have a whole life ahead of me, but I’m not going to waste a single day, I will do my best whenever I can and I won’t hold back. I will reach my goals through honest to goodness hard work because I will seize the day, and I will become a memorable person whatever avenue of life I choose to follow.