Miles and Miles of Heart

jason - Huntington Beach, California
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe you gotta have heart. Every year my elementary school would put on a lip synch show where the best acts of each grade would be chosen to perform in front of the whole school and their families. Each year I did songs that were popular at the time and had a great time doing it, it was one of the bigger events held at school and it was always exciting. My 5th grade year we did a song called “You gotta have heart” from the movie and musical Damn Yankees!. At the time I didn’t realize what a big effect this song would have on my life in my college years, who would think that something like that would right? Looking back many years after this I seemed to notice that everything my parents had taught me about life all traced back to the importance of having heart in everything you do in life.

I went through my first year of playing collegiate baseball and it went very well and I was having a great time doing the things that I loved, putting all my energy into being a student athlete was what I had dreamt of doing my whole childhood. After my first year I was injured and had to have total shoulder reconstructive surgery that would put me out for a year. The easiest thing would have been to call it quits as many other people I knew with the same diagnosis did especially after the doctors said I probably wouldn’t be able to throw the same again. At the time the road seemed longer than ever with the hours and hours of painful rehab every day, the nights not being able to sleep because of pain, seeing my team mates playing while I was in the dugout, it all seemed to pile up with hard obstacles to overcome. Quitting was never in my mind and I believed that I would be able to overcome this event and I did so through heart. I remembered how good I felt deep inside when I was in between those lines and that was motivation enough for me to push through. I was determined to be back on a baseball field doing the single most thing I loved doing in this world because it was what gave me that feeling of completeness, where my place in this universe seemed right.

I believe that life takes having miles of heart whether it may be in dealing with difficult times and struggles or going through pinnacle moments of life. Life is not easy but having the ability to work hard for the things you desire and caring about the people closest to you using heart makes it a lot easier, I believe you gotta have heart.