This I Believe

Daniel - San Diego, California
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

I believe in unconditional love.

I believe in a kind of love that doesn’t keep record of wrongs, a true pure type of love that brings hope to a broken world. I believe in the type of love you see when you look at a married couple who’s been together for 50 and you could still see the fire in their relationship. The simple type of love that holds a door opens for others not expecting a thank you. I believe in an unconditional love that doesn’t give up on people.

When I think of this idea of unconditional love I can’t help but thinking of my high school years. I remember doing what every other high school kid, cheated on test, went to parties, stayed out past curfew, played sports for my school, and more then anything, constantly getting in trouble with teachers and my parents about my grades.

I remember a certain day during my sophomore year of high school when I was grounded for the weekend. I was upset about this mostly because I remember it was the same weekend of our first school dance. My mom went out with her boyfriend for the night, so I also decided to go out myself. I ended up going to the school dance and to an after party where I got drunk with my buddies. I don’t remember much about coming home that night, except for that my mom was waiting up for me.

Maybe it was the alcohol but for some reason what my mom was saying sank into my head and planted a seed deep inside my heart. She told me she would not give up on me regardless of the path I was going down. That she was going to love me no matter what sort of trouble I’d get into later down the road.

The faith and prayers of my mom has shaped me into a new man today. A man who tries to follow the example his mom set for him by loving with an unconditional heart. So when I see a punk high school dropout whose running a hundred miles in the wrong direction, I think, thank was me. There’s hope for that kid, an unconditional love that carries with it transformation.