Out of the Box

Grant - Poway, California
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

In a seemingly cold, drab, and lonely world such as the one we live in the ability to harness creativity and imagination is even more imperative. I believe in the value of one’s dreams, one’s creativity, and one’s imagination.

In the world that I live in now it seems that imagination is something to be frowned upon. Children are the ones who are expected to dream and use their imagination while adults must live following bosses’ orders and duties, and typically dreaming is frowned upon. Things must be done in one way and anything different is scorned.

I, however, feel differently. While growing up I always had a strong imagination; I could turn any ordinary thing into something extraordinary. I would spend hours playing, reading, and inventing, all stretching my imagination and creating new ideas. I remember times when I would explain to my older brother why things in the world worked like they did, and I would make up fantastic ideas and reasons, and you know what? Some of those reasons were actually right.

That is how great minds have done such extraordinary things in this world; it is because they imagine fantastic things beyond social restraints and popular belief. Many of these great minds were persecuted at the time such as Galileo, who was put in jail for his beliefs, however now we look back at them with admiration and awe. They never stopped stretching their minds, thinking out of the box and looking beyond the curtain that keeps a vast majority of us near-sighted.

In my life I hold this belief true, and in turn it has served me well. There are many of life’s riddles that seem to be a road-block in our lives, but I have overcome them through determination and creativity. I am a college student and daily I am faced with problems and challenges to overcome as I learn new things. I manage to overcome these problems by thinking out of the box, and in my classes I do well because even though my method may be different or long, it works, and that is due to my creativity. As I learn more I am able to apply what I learned to think of new ideas or refine old ones. I have even begun to stretch my imagination by trying to invent ideas for different inventions that I can create once I get my engineering degree, and I discuss these ideas with my father. I am still too young to have made any discoveries like Galileo, however I feel that someday I may have a chance to make a change with something new.

This philosophy of imagination is what helps me every day to succeed, and imagination has proven not only to help an individual but to help the world through a multitude of inventions, ideas, inspirations, and accomplishments. This world is progressing by everyday people thinking out of the box and not fearing to imagine something new.