This I Believe

Nathaniel - San Diego, California
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

The other day, in class, I was asked the question, what does it mean to live a moral life? Where do these morals come from? Who says that these are the morals to live by? What authority does any one single created man have to tell me that I, another created man, should act and treat him in the same way?

Over the last 50 years our deemed “Nation of Morality” has started to remove any and all influences from Christianity. In its place the nation has named Science as god. “Science I praise your holy and honorable data. I pray that you bless my children and their data and my wife as she drives to work and processes all the data needed to keep her safe for the day. Amen”

It feels strange to pray to science. I am lost and I need help. Where can I find the morals in science? In school I was taught that evolution is how I came to walk this earth. Science god created me out of a data soup millions of years ago some time after the entire universe was created in some unexplainable way.

A huge part of the evolutionary history is that the fittest survive. I do not get why we spend so much money on the sick and why we even try to save anyone. My Science god taught me that they were just not fit enough to survive.

I was also taught that it is wrong to murder and steal. If evolution is fact, then if I murder some one Science god says that they were not fit enough to survive and for the good of society I need to remove the week ones in order not to weaken the gene pool. Some one once told me that humans developed a sense for survival of the species. Last time I checked we were surviving just fine and without any help.

NO I believe that my Science god is weak and feeble, not the source of my moral code. For morals to have value, strength and meaning they have to come from the one who created the universe and gave life meaning. It is because of my sin that I even need a moral code for if I was as God intended me to be when he created me I would not need morals to treat others as the loved creation of God that they are. I believe my morals came from that which is greater than I am and will ever be, Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.