For My Sisters

Amber - San Diego, California
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

While I was driving back home from school, I began to ponder what it would be like if I had moved out of the house once I started college three years ago. At once, flashbacks of certain memories and more random ones came to mind. I began to think: All the laughter, smiles, and the twinkle in our eyes wouldn’t exist if no one was there to share it with. During the holidays, birthdays, and any good old day is enjoyed with the company of others. Even during dull, disappointing and cheerless nights, it is comforting to have a shoulder to cry on. Sure I had friends around that would lift my spirits in a heartbeat, but no one could touch my soul like my sisters could.

My two younger sisters have this bizarre affect on me. There would be times when I would envy them for a certain trait I didn’t have or a particular talent I didn’t pick up on. They could make things difficult for me to the point of frustration! Yet, I could never hate them. We could fight and shout at each other for one minute, and the next thing you know we’re watching a TV show and laughing like nothing happened.

One particular event within the family broke my heart and made it stronger all at once. My parents were considering separation at one point, which affected me and my sisters to a decent extent. It was a blow to the face just to hear the idea of a divorce, to know there was a possibility that love couldn’t last. One night after my parents fought, we all sat down in the living room to a have a family discussion. It was a difficult time when my parents disagreed with each other and argued constantly. I took charge in our discussion, and immediately switched roles of just being the oldest daughter to a young independent adult. They both had the chance to say what was on their mind and share how the felt. As these conversations went on, I gazed over to my sisters, who were sitting in complete silence. I could see confusion on their faces, and I could feel how hurt and upset they were just looking into their eyes. I caught a tear fall from my youngest sister. Almost synchronized, my other sister started tearing, and I was next. At that moment, I decided whatever happened to my parents, my sisters would stick with me. I couldn’t let anything happen to them and I didn’t want my parents’ problem to split the sisters up.

It’s funny how one moment can break or make you, depending on how you handle it. I knew from the start my sisters would always be around, but that night I made a life-long decision that they would be my first priority in any circumstance. I believe everyone should be grateful for those around them. I am grateful to have siblings in my life. They’re all I need for good company; they are the ones that make my holidays and birthdays special. As I head home, I think to myself that I’m glad I haven’t left yet.