This I Believe

Lindsey - Reno, Nevada
Entered on November 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks, work

My Ex Boyfriend Did What?

Lindsey Hull

Failure is something everybody has to experience. No matter who you are. I believe in failure. It’s not because I like to watch people suffer. When someone trips and falls, that is not the failure I am talking about. When I say failure, I mean you want to achieve something very big and it doesn’t happen like you planned. Failure to me is not achieving that goal. The reason I believe in failure is the beauty of bouncing back from it.

I think that failure has a lot to do with courage. Failure is a natural consequence of trying and courage is the power to face difficulties. If you didn’t have the courage to fail then you would never achieve.

I play basketball. When everyone sees me play, they know basketball is my sport. But for some girls, that’s not the case. At tryouts I know they won’t make the team. Each team holds 12 people and they have to be the best 12 for that team. Yet, I see them coming out each year trying, and I also see them getting better. That is what I believe in. They might not make the team this year, but next year they come back and succeed. They failed to achieve.

My sister is someone who I see that has to fail to learn. She is a lot older and wiser now, but I still see her doing everything the hard way. She has to fail to learn the lesson. For me it is a lot easier to see the consequences of my actions and for my sister, it was a battle to the death if she wanted it her way.

I look back and remember all my failures like when my ex boyfriend dumped me. I was devastated, but I look back I am glad that he did. I remember him treating me like crap, and now I don’t take that from anyone. I gained wisdom. Wisdom comes from the experience of living. It is useless if you do not give it your own involvement. When you fail, you learn and try to find a different way to succeed. This is why I believe in Failure.