A New World is Possible

Dheyanira - 94720, California
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Nowadays, the world is going through a very difficult situation. The wars that are taking place around the world are creating even more problems rather than solving them. Unemployment, violence, hunger, poverty, diseases, violation of human rights, discrimination, and racism are increasing everywhere. However, there are people who believe there is possible to change and build another world where these problems could be solved. Therefore, I believe that a new world is possible if everybody helps and looks for solutions that benefit all, not only a few.

I come from a small and poor country in South America. When I was a child and later on by the time I was a teenager I remember my country being involved in a war with a neighbor country. As a kid I did not understand the reason for that war, I just remember the news talking and showing images of soldiers in the field fighting for their country. Years later we were told about the second war was that there was a territory dispute or no delimitations of the border; the neighbor country was claiming the ownership of certain parts that we thought are ours. It was just few years ago that I finally found out the real reason for those two wars I had to live through. Even though I was far away from the battle field the war affected me anyway. Not only as a kid did it affect me feeling scared and thinking about death, but in general a war leaves profound problems very difficult to overcome such as unemployment, violence, poverty. The cost of a war is huge not only in economical terms but also social. The wars in my country were only a few months long and we never really recovered from them, at least not economically. Now, due to the economical crisis I had to leave my country and look for a better opportunity in another country. I have lived in the United States for about six years and had the same experience, living in a country that is involved in a war. The difference is that this, I can call a real war. The war has lasted 4 years already and we have spent huge amounts of money, have had millions of people killed. There is unemployment, violence, cost of living increases, and cuts of budget for education and health. However, in these two cases I found two similarities: 1) that these wars are not caused by people but oil transnational corporations create wars and use our people to fight for their interest and 2) most of the people do not want war, they want peace, employment and to enjoy life. Therefore I believe a new world is possible.

After all these years living in United States, I have seen violence is one of the main problems that society has. But in these two countries, Ecuador and United States, violence is generated by different reasons. For instance, in my country, a developing country, poverty generates violence, and in most cases people need to steal because they are hungry and lack jobs. The government does not give social benefits, which creates problems and generates social violence. These cases repeat in neighboring countries and in other countries around the world. Now that I am living in United States, a developed country, I have seen that violence exists and is also a social problem. The reasons are slightly different though; for example, the search for easy ways to make money such as the sale of drugs and guns create violence. In my opinion if the government lies, kills and has excuses for it, people in general, conscious, or non-conscious think they have the right to do the same. My perception about of consumption illegal drugs is widely accepted by society. People don’t like it, but everybody knows it happens. Drugs and guns are very accessible here than in my country. Despite all these problems, most of the people do not like or want violence. After having the experience of living in both, a developing and a developed country, I think violence is not caused by lack or excess of money but because people is losing values such as solidarity, honesty, and love.

Freedom is one of the most important and basic human rights. Although the United States is known as a country of “Freedom” after six years living here I am afraid disagreeing. My impression, since I arrived is not really a sense of Freedom. Maybe it is because I am Latina, a new immigrant, or a woman but definitely I do not feel free in United States. For instance, if the police are around I do not feel safe; on the contrary I feel threatened. The stereotypes created about what being Latin means also create a hostile environment. In the last three years racism has increased and makes life even more difficult for different people or “people of color” as we have been defined. Most people do not like these situations. Living in a community, sharing common problems and looking for common solutions are easier and fun. Therefore, I still believe a new world is possible where there is equality and respect no matter what color, race, or religion.

Most people I know like to be helped and like to be considered, so why do we accept selfishness. If everybody likes to get good things from life then everybody is able to share and learn that relationships are back and forth, in that way we are growing in a community and building a new society is not difficult to practice these values daily.

I believe a new world is possible because most of the people around want to have a better world to live. Maybe we still are trying to find the ways to build that new world but everybody wants it. In my opinion it is like having the first step, an agreement on what we want. The next step would be start working on building the new world where wars are forbidden, where human rights such us the right to have health benefits, education, food, and affordable housing, and jobs are assured. Then, the causes of violence would not exist any more. Instead we would share different cultures, languages, food, music, and love. Because life still is beautiful I think a new world is possible and necessary.