This I Believe

Elliott - Plano, Texas
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Something that no one should denied of

After living my life for about 16 years now, I am positive that nothing can beat eating a nice, warm, stuffing burrito after school from my favorite take out restaurant, Chipotle. It is no ordinary burrito for me since I get to pick out every single ingredient to put in starting from the type of beans. Although it occasionally causes temporary stomach pain and half an hour on the pot, it is worth all the relief that it brings after the 7 hours stress of school.

I believe that no one should be denied a Chipotle burrito no matter how obese, ignorant, impatient, powerless, hideous or short he or she is. Denying a Chipotle burrito to anyone can be compared to denying one’s right of pursuing momentary happiness. No one except a select few should be denied the ability to be able to relieve him or herself of the day’s stress.

About once every week, I look forward to the end of school not only because it’s the end of school but also because I get to go to Chipotle. This one time after school, I was planning on eating at Chipotle until I found out that my mom left a voice mail on my cell phone. I had to ride the bus. I immediately fell into a bilious mood as I walked toward my bus while muttering a conglomerate of words that I use only when completely necessary. I was denied momentary happiness and my entire day became more miserable than it would have been if I had eaten at Chipotle.

Many people probably encounter the same situation I was in. Their days are less bright than they would have been if they had gone to Chipotle. They would go through their days without knowing what was missing the entire time. If only they had spent a mere 8 dollars or so in order to get a Chipotle burrito.

For those people who are constantly picked on and never get to do anything their way also have a very simple temporary solution by going straight to Chipotle after being picked on by a bunch of bullies. They have the ability to choose what they want, where they want it, how they want it and how much of it they want and many more possibilities that I haven’t even thought of. They can even order in Spanish as I occasionally do. They even have the option to mix the ingredients all together! To make things even better, this amazing feat can all be accomplished without getting their hands dirty.

So go to Chipotle. It doesn’t matter what sort of person you are, as long as you have a big appetite and 8 dollars to spare.