This I Believe

Brian - Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

The constant incense of female looming all around, no matter where you go you can’t get around it. The typical thoughts for a teenage male, whose mind is driven by the mere images of women flickering in his mind. Sitting through a day of school looking at random objects with such intimacy that it drives your mind, body, and soul crazy. As a student at an all-male Jesuit High School, seeing the flesh of young women is difficult to come by. We sit around at lunch with our lingoes —to keep it less noticeable from the teachers— talking, some bragging about their weekend experiences. We forget for instances that they are people and talk about them as if they were objects and that we guys were on a never ending quest to get our jimmy’s wet. But when we do enter the presence of female a switch is flipped and a certain state is attained. In the confines of one on one with another girl, we now are vulnerable to their power, the power to seduce and screw with your mind. They tease and flirt with temptation and we bite on their bait almost all the time. This problem is most difficult on a Friday night when we have gone a whole week of not being in the same room as girls our age. The adjustments need to be made, before we can make contact with them. The first time it’s difficult but that was freshman year and now we are seniors this routine has been perfected, but we still underestimate them… women. Not any kind of game plan can prepare you for their antics. I believe it’s much easier for a girl to get a guy to like her because of her assets. Girls have no idea the kind of games they play on men, but when they do learn, you fall into a trance made by them. At our age, our minds are geared towards that Holy Grail and will go at any cost to try and get it. That’s what it takes to get to them. Who says that guys never get attached because I certainly know that is fiction. In the end though, we guys can only hope that they be gentle and leave us something to work off of when we need to bounce back.