This I Believe

Bryan - CA, California
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

At times I get deeply involved with my class assignments, fraternity activities, duties at work and responsibilities as an adult. If I am not studying for my tedious Mechanical Engineering classes, I am noting and mentally preparing myself for the upcoming test that next week has to offer. After classes I go to work at Youth Day Center Central, were I assist probation offers in counseling juvenile delinquent students. Next comes the fraternity business that I have to attend to; fund-raisers, community service, and meetings are a few fraternity activities to mention. Aside from all else, come responsibilities like credit card bills, cell phone bills, and rent. When initially taking on all these obstacles on my own, I was very stressed and overwhelmed. But I now believe that stress is a choice.

When I first joined the work force, I was very stressed and disappointed because I was not suited for my occupations. My first job was with SDSU Research foundation, Finance and Accounting. There I did what was called a check run, scanning through reimbursement checks. This job was extremely stressful; I had to scan through one hundred plus checks and make sure they had no errors in signatures, invoice numbers, and amounts; if I made an error I was reminded by a weekly error report. I also have worked with children at the Mission Valley YMCA, and for someone not trained to work with kids, this job was also extremely stressful. I had kids climbing on me, climbing the fences, throwing Lagos at one another, and nearly breaking bones on the gymnasium. At that point I still had no way of dealing with these stressful working conditions.

When I began my journey through the study of Mechanical engineering I had a rude awakening with one of the most difficult classes I had ever taken, Physics 195. I remember this class being so difficult that I got hives from so much stress. I had never dealt with a class as demanding as this. I got no help and watched my grade decline to a Fail. Coming in as a freshman I did poorly. My time management skills were horrible and my study habits were lacking. I sill had no solution.

After struggling through my first year of college I learned and changed my way of thinking to minimize the amount of stress I was dealing with. I reached out to my sister who went through the same struggle. Her advice was, “Don’t stress if you don’t have to, just get what has to be done, done.” . This is easier said than done, but ive been practicing ever since. At choose to not let the kids get to me. Instead of letting the kids get me upset I laugh about it. At school I take careful notes and plan ahead. When I have trouble with homework I make it a point to go to office hours. I no longer stress over bills I have to pay because I take care of them and don’t let them linger. I have discovered that stress is a choice, If we let small stress full situations affect us, they will blind us to how enjoyable life can be,