This I Believe

Anne - Palm Springs, Florida
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 65+

“Follow me, everything will be great!’ This is what I heard from everyone at my high school in my years of development. I wasn’t the type to be left out of the crowd. Even as a sophmore, my typical friends would vary from freshman to seniors. I guess you could say I was somewhat “well-known.” Being little miss high school isnt what I wanted. No one knew the real me, but my journey to be on top had already began. Everyone whos anyone drank in high school, so i followed along, especially during my summer before sophmore year. What I didnt realize was that every time i drank, i would do something so rediculous. I began to go crazy. Sure I was a witty, rebellious blonde anyway, but it was getting out of hand. I guess you could call me a lush.

I had rumors sworming around me like bees in a hive. I had sex for the first time with my long-time boyfriend on my own sober terms, but once that happened, I wanted more. I was demoralizing myself. Drinking and drinking every chance I got. This was not a healthy chioce. I brought more friends into it and it all lead up to the breaking point. We thought that it would be like any other night. Drinking before the concert and having an awesome time. Man, was I wrong. I had lied to my parents, like many times before, and went to a friends house to get smashed. Because everyone was so drunk, we brought the drinks with us for the ride up. The minute we pulled up to the concert house, I blew it. I fell out of the car and the police roll up. The police officer said something that I’ll never forget,”You look like a bunch of good kids, who made a mistake tonight.” In the back of my head all I could think about was all the mistakes I’ve ever made, and it didnt stop there. The drinking and the sex kept going on. So one moment in time, I realized the temptations I had to overcome and only God could help me. I lifting my problems to Him and continuing to today.