This I Believe

Morgan - San Diego, California
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the importance of childhood. My childhood was full of high peaks and low valleys. At times I felt I had no childhood because my responsibilities began at such a young age. But in the back of my mind I knew this is exactly what God planned for me. Here is my story.

My childhood household consisted of my father, mother, and younger sister. Being the oldest sibling, I took most responsibility and grew very independent at a very young age.

You might be asking yourself why she would need to be so strong and mature at such an early age. Well, I grew up with a father who had a drinking problem. My father was a very loving man with an alcoholic addiction, plain and simple.

As you may have guessed, when you mix an alcoholic father with two young children someone gets emotionally scarred. I can remember times when my father would get so angry over the smallest things because his judgment was impaired from all the vodka he had poured into his mouth. Doors slamming, screaming voices and foul language fill my childhood memory. That emotionally scarred person was me.

I hid my father’s alcoholic addiction as long as I could from my sister. I wanted her to love our father and not know any of his flaws. When my dad would come home intoxicated I would make up games for my sister and I to play in my room or make up lies when she asked me why our daddy was yelling so loud. I took pride in being able to keep my sisters innocent childhood since mine had already been broken.

Growing up with an alcoholic father has never been considered a proud happy memory. But I somewhat believe I was meant to have experienced the childhood that I had. So what does this all mean? How can I change all these negative memories into something positive? Well I have definitely found the answer.

I have decided to become a child psychologist. I am currently going to San Diego State University to receive my psychology degree so I will be qualified to listen and help children and any problems they may have. I want to be responsible for helping children that might have the same childhood as me. Having another person there to help you through rough patches is exactly what every little boy or girl needs throughout their childhood. I was there for my sister and I want to be there for so many more children. I mean who else could be better at listening and helping distraught children than someone who has experienced and lived through it.

Looking back on the 20 years I have lived, its hard for me to say that my childhood was all that bad. That’s because it was my unstable and bumpy childhood that has led me to helping others. And for that I am truly grateful.