Friends are Forever

Michael - San Diego, California
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Friends can be the most influential people in regards to shaping someone’s life. When you lose a close friend it can be as devastating as losing a family member. Sadly, I experienced this when I was just seventeen years old. My dear friend Will overdosed on drugs our junior year in high school and it was not an easy time for us guys, let alone his family. The details of the death were kept somewhat concealed but that did not matter; the bottom line was Will was gone and he was not going to ever come back.

Going to the funeral opened new doors for me as I found a side of myself I had never experienced before. Sure it was upsetting and the tears were flowing but I realized something that has been a life-long motto of mine ever since. I never understood the great importance of having close friends and never knew that having these friends was so vital. Talking to my parents just did not help. My mom and dad did not know Will like my friends and I did and had no idea how to make me feel better. The closeness between Will and I could only be shared amongst my friends who had shared similar relationships with him. Talking with each other about the great memories made the situation better, as there was a point in time that I thought life would just stand still and things would never progress.

I had always enjoyed the company of my friends, playing sports and talking about girls with them. What I never knew was how close I actually was with them. It is easy to see why my close circle of friends was so critical at a time like this but what has been different was what has happened in the time since Big Willy’s funeral. There is a small group of us that really depend on each other for a lot of things. Any struggles I have with school, girls, family, anything at all; my friends are right there to back me up and be there for me. Unfortunately, my parents and I seem to get into arguments and bicker with each other more than I would like. Sometimes, my mom gets me so mad I want to scream. The only thing that makes me feel better is to visit my friends and hang out; taking my mind off the argument I had with my mom.

As time goes on, things happen and things change. A constant in life is the close friendships you form that you know will last a lifetime. The moral here is that it might take a significant event or something big to happen for a young person to realize something special. In my case, ever since I lost Will, friends have been a major aspect in my life and without them I would not be here today.