This I Believe

Carley - Sammamish, Washington
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

What Goes Around Comes Around

By: Carley Dunn

Karma. Almost everyone has seen the little boy playing at the park push a child down the slide, then they fall down the slide, or the boyfriend who cheats on his girlfriend and then gets cheated on by his next girlfriend. And even though almost everyone had seen it, not everyone believes in it. I definitely believe in karma and believing in karma has led me to my life philosophy which is what goes around comes around.

I was much younger when I realized that I believed in karma. If I hit my brother or called him a name, he would retaliate. So I basically learned that if I do something bad, something bad will come right back at me. As I got older I also noticed that if I did something good, eventually something good would happen to me. For example, when I wanted to go shopping after school, if I picked up the house before my mom got home she would have time to take me shopping because she did not have to pick up the house. The older I got, the more I began to understand karma. I knew if I did something good, something good would usually happen to me. I also knew if I did something bad, something bad would probably happen to me. Unfortunately, understanding karma did not always stop me from doing something wrong or dumb, I just knew what was coming. A specific example is when I was six years old and there was an orange cone in front of the monkey bars (which means not to play on them). I decided I wanted to play on them anyway and I slipped and I broke my arm. This shows, at least to me, that karma really exists. Another example of karma in my life is when my brother was younger, I used to make him snacks and help him with his homework. As a result of that we have a very good relationship now and very rarely fight. These are just some of the many examples in my life that prove that karma is important especially to me.

As I have mentioned, karma is something that I very strongly believe in. I am human, so of course I do not consider karma with every single little thing I do. And while karma is not a necessary part of life to everyone it is necessary to me because I strongly believe that it exists and it almost always proves to be true. Karma is just basically consequences of things that you choose to do. Overall, I simply believe what goes around comes around.