This I Believe

Zachary - schenectady, New York
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Our Chances

Zack Fashouer

I believe you only have one chance in life, one chance to live, to love, to be yourself. It is a chance we take everyday, dangerous or not. In life there are two types of people, the safer people and the risk takers, for me I have chosen the more risky side. I have learned to take risks, but still stay on the safe side.

I skateboard and take risks of being injured everyday; I know with skateboarding you will get hurt, it is a learning experience. Sometimes I know I’m not being safe because I do not always wear my helmet, hey it’s uncomfortable! I know I could take just one fall and smash my head and it will be over, it scares me just by thinking of this. A couple of weeks ago I had slammed my head on the ground going off a ramp, but luckily it was in the grass, even though it was grass it still had hurt a lot. I really don’t want to find out what this feels like on hard ground!

The choices we make in our lives everyday can have a huge impact on our future, so it is important to always make the right decision, harmful or not. To make the decision to lie is one of the worst decisions we could make because the consequences are harsh and will most likely interrupt our lives for a short time or a long time, possibly jail. I have also been not as smart as I could have been and lied to my parents, and oh yes it came with some consequences alright, like hard fall and broken bones!

Being yourself is what makes you, well, you. It is about individuality, for example, I, Zack Fashouer, am probably the only person in my school who wear purple skinny jeans and a pair of skinny corduroys; this also makes me a risk taker. I am different from everybody else, as everybody is different from me in their own way. The one thing I really don’t like about some of these people is that the only clothes they wear are Abercrombie cloths (I don’t own any Abercrombie) and they have a bad attitude, I avoid this grouping of people. Walking through the halls of F.M.S. sometime I can hear people talking “That kid in those tight pants” I just laugh at them for joining the crowd. I have learned to just block out all off that nonsense. That is just what makes me, ME. Be your own person!

It is always important to be yourself with that one chance you get to live in this world, so get independent, don’t join the crowd, and be yourself and no one else. Taking chances isn’t always a bad idea, in fact, without chance in our lives there would be no point in life. So get out there do something with your life and get your name out there!