This I Believe

Courtney - Pickerington, Ohio
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe in Love

I believe in Love. That love is the root of all things kind and good, that if I do and say everything with love then I do everything with kindness. Love is in forgiveness, understanding and most importantly in friendship. I believe it takes a strong person to love those people who are hateful to us rather than hate them. Hate is easy to feel when I am hurt and wounded its love that takes strength and will.

I’m a very intense person and always have been. I’m strong in my convictions and my beliefs. Like treating all people kindly or that one person can make a difference by being good. Being so opinionated cause’s people to hear my words and not take the chance to get to know me. I am also very loving to the point of being easily used and mistreated. I have learned to love people despite of what they say or do to me. People have always acted like my friend or nice to me but when I come and they don’t know I’m there I hear them make fun of me saying horrible things about me. I have to chose; stop being their friend or be their friend despite of it. I know that through loving them and helping them I can show them what true friendship is. That by loving my friends I do more good, than I do in no longer being their friend.

When I was younger I was abused by different people at different times. The physical part of it ended when I was thirteen but the pain lasted longer. I felt used and dirty. I wondered if I was worthy of love. I used to say I forgive them because that is what the Bible told me to do. I knew I was lucky that it stopped and that I was still whole. Yet it took until two years ago at a church retreat to realize that it has to be more then words it takes a willful change. I decided to love those that had hurt me. It’s a slow process I learn to love them a little more everyday and in this is the true forgiveness, the kind that’s more than words. I know that I will always have some scars on the inside but those just remind me that I lived through them, that I can love and forgive the people who gave them to me. That I am stronger when I love all people no matter what.

I believe that understanding doesn’t mean I approve of what someone does but it means that I can be there for them and help them. In loving people who hurt me I found it much easier to love all other people. If I learn to love all people those who hurt me, misjudge me or are kind to me then I move towards understanding all people. I take a step towards loving me. I believe in love.