Common Sense

Thomas - Biloxi, Mississippi
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

A child feels out casted and abused, so he shoots up his school. A mother cannot cope with pressures of life, so she takes it out on her child. People with great potential spend their life in a purple haze of drugs. Politicians forget about preserving the American dream, and bow down to high-powered lobbyists. The strong take advantage of the weak. People become slaves to the almighty dollar. Cowards take place of heroes. What is happening to the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The United States of America, when formed in 1776, was a test, to see if a free thinking, democratic people could thrive as an independent nation. This land hit its low spots, but always stood tall like a giant oak. That tree is slowly being chopped down, not by outside invaders, but by the very people who inhabit her.

What happened to the common sense and spirit our great-grandparents had? The greatest generation ever, the people who, although faced incredible circumstances, caused by the Great Depression, gave what little they had left. They sacrificed everything, whether it was their time, energy, or even their lives. In doing so, they did nothing less than save the entire world. America and the entire world seemed to be headed for a utopian society. Evil was thwarted; the economy was boosted, and life was wonderful. These folks were everything America was supposed to be. The generation represented by the phrase “uncommon valor was a common trait.” That group of people is dwindling now, and so is our country.

We all know right from wrong. Then why does evil always come out on top? On the television, the good guy wins; mistakes are righted; and someone learns a lesson. Life is not the movies, but if we seem to believe these principles enough to watch them, then why not live them. Maybe because the people we see on the big screen are completely different than the characters they play. So many want to be just like the spoiled, overdosed, out of touch, beautiful people, rather than the noble saint s they portray. Wake up America! This is common sense. Do your duty as a citizen; put the overall good above your personal pleasure; contribute to society do not be a burden. This I believe. Common sense has become an uncommon trait.