This I Believe

Corinne - Gulfport, Mississippi
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, purpose

I believe in things happening for a reason. I believe that if you wait and have patience, things will work out the way you had originally planned. My husband I had been trying to get pregnant between July and September of 2006. We were upset that we did not get pregnant, but after thinking about it for a little while, we decided that it probably was a good thing that we did not get pregnant because we ended up moving February of 2007, and if we would have gotten pregnant we would have been trying to move while I was pregnant. He left to go to Iraq October of 2006 and that is why we were trying to get pregnant before he left so that I would be due a few weeks or a few months after he got home in April. With it not working out as we had planned, we decided that I would not go back onto birth control and we would just keep trying when he got home. He ended up injuring himself while he was in Iraq and came home in February, two months early. With him injuring himself we found out that he would not be leaving for another deployment for over a year. That is when we decided that we really were going to try to get pregnant so that he would be here for the whole pregnancy, the delivery, and a few months if not a whole year after the baby was born. We tried for a few months and nothing happened so we finally decided that either it was not our time to get pregnant or one of us was unable to contribute to a pregnancy. We stopped stressing about it and decided to go about our regular lives. In August, we thought for a few days that I was pregnant but it was a false alarm. About two weeks after that we were working on our bills and looking at our income and calculated that we were going to be about $500 over drawn when it came to pay bills for September. We were both stressed trying to figure out what we were going to do. We condensed some bills and stopped going out to eat and spending entertainment money and we ended up making the next month’s bills just fine. I believe that if we had found out that we were pregnant while we were having problems with our bills, we would have been freaking out and losing our minds. We found out November 17 that we are pregnant and I believe that we were supposed to get pregnant and find out when we did, because we have our financial bills situated, we were able to tell the family over the Thanksgiving Holiday, and because my husband will be here for the whole pregnancy just like we had hoped. He might not be here for as long as we hoped after the baby is born but I still believe this has happened for a reason that we may never understand. I believe things happen for a reason and at just the right time.