This I Believe

Andrew - Taylor, Texas
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have been attending a junior college for three semesters now and I have noticed different things about the students there. Some students procrastinate, slack off, or just do not even bother to show up to class. There are few who get their work done right without procrastinating. My mother has always told me “school is what you make it.” I used to not fully understand what that meant until just recently.

I really wish I had tried harder to be above average in high school. I always did my work and usually turned it in on time, I never skipped class, and I listened to what the teachers told me to do. I did everything right, but I still did not get all that I could have out of my four years in high school. I wish I would have made the best of school then and joined more academic clubs, competed in UIL competitions, and taken harder classes. The fact is you can slide through high school fairly easily without really challenging yourself.

I am almost finished with my third year at Temple Junior College in Texas and I have tried much harder to learn all I can than I did in high school. I have made all A’s and am ready to transfer to a four year university to finish getting my bachelor’s degree. The school I will be attending is known as a ‘party school’ and people have warned me that many students drop out because they party too much and do not do their work. This worried me at first. I thought to myself, “Am I going to be a party animal? Am I going to start slacking off because it’s an easy choice?” I quickly realized that I would not do that. When people would tell my mother to keep an eye on me because I am going to a party school, she would tell them, “School is what you make it out to be. Every school has parties and every school has students who really care about their education. It is all what you are willing to do that matters.” Those words have stuck with me as I am ending this semester and getting ready to continue my quest for knowledge at a university. I am definitely going to meet and make new friends with a variety of people and maybe even join a few clubs. I am excited about this new up coming experience because I can put my mother’s philosophy (which is now my own) to the test. I am sure that I will continue making excellent grades and try my hardest to avoid drunken frat boys.

In conclusion, I think every student should understand that no matter how much is going on in your life, it is up to you to pursue your education and make the best of it. Try to experience new things and make new friends. Challenge yourself and remember that school is what you make it out to be.