This I Believe

James - Biloxi, Mississippi
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I Believe

This is God. This is the one and only, first and foremost, alpha and omega. You know Him, the One who ignites the light at the end of the tunnel, or calms the exhausted spirit like nothing else can. He is the forgiver, the protector, and the friend that never leaves your side. Without This, life seems to be a never ending walkabout of repeated failure and disappointment.

This is strength. Strength not only to survive say, for instance, the Nation’s most catastrophic natural disaster, but strength to rebuild and survive everyday life. Strength renders all literal and figurative adversaries powerless.

This is love, agape, the kind of love a father demonstrates to his children. The kind of love that makes a man crazy or the love bestowed upon a stranger that down on their luck. This is the emotion that allows us to love our annoying neighbor as if they were our long, lost brother.

This is forgiveness. This is the ability to give and receive second chances when none are deserved. This is the gift of mercy more valuable than endless time or the world’s riches, and an opportunity to turn back time and learn from one’s mistakes in life.

This is education. Knowledge is power. Learning is the single fundamental building block to success and satisfactory existence in the world we live. Without education, there is no progress in society, no cures for the weak and wasting, and inevitably no hope for mankind.

This is work ethic. This is the motivating force that keeps factory workers and CEOs alike on time and on schedule. This is the men and women who sacrifice their limited time and ailing bodies to provide for their loved ones old and new.

This is music. This is the auditory medication prescribed by morning birds, an evening’s crashing surf, or Led Zeppelin. This is the catchy tune that gets stuck in your head and provides a chuckle in an otherwise monotonous work day.

This is receiving flowers, for no reason at all.

This is the indigo stare of sweet Melissa. This is the stare that is blind to my all- to- frequent faults and shortcomings. This is the look of approval and acceptance of a genuine me. This is the greatest gift, friend, and partner a man could ask for.

This, I believe.