I believe in Music.

akira - Isikawa, Japan
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in music. Can you understand all languages if you had to talk to a foreigner, what would you do? My friend said, “Music is cultures”. He meant that music is a language common to all cultures.

Music can change the feeling of people even if we don’t understand the language. For example, music can always change our feelings from sad to happy or angry to happy.

One time, I had an American friend. He did not speak Japanese, but we shared music. Then it was possible to have communication and possible to understand his feelings.

I think Rock can make me excited and pop can make me feel happy. They are common throughout the world. Beethoven said “I make music with deep feelings that I can not express by the words alone”. I really believe this this too.

Even if we can’t understand the language, we can enjoy music with each other.

In other words, we can share our favorite music together. We can talk with people of the world if we use music. It is a very interesting and special thing.