I Believe in Money

Ryuki - Isikawa, Japan
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Getting money is one of the ways to get happiness. Do you think about money? I think we need money, because if we haven’t any money, we can’t eat food, can’t go to the hospital, can’t take care of our family, can’t bring up a child, and we can’t live…

Four years ago, I worked a part time job. This work was very hard, but I enjoyed it, and I got my first paycheck. After that, my parents didn’t give me any money.

I thought, “Getting money by myself = A step to be independent from my parents”.

This was very important, because someday I must be become an adult who

is independent.

“Money makes the world go around” This is an American idiom.

In Japan is very important to keep a level economy, but we don’t have resources.

Japan has only the power of the people. This is very severe, but our grandparents made strong efforts, and made the present Japan. I thank our grandparents very much,

because we can keep a level economy now. If we keep a level economy, we will get more money.

I think about money often, because it is important in my life and my culture. It helps me pay for food, hospital, family, bring up a child, and live well.