Takuro - Ishikawa, Japan
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that programming is my life. I’m a technical college student in Japan. I study programming at my home as well as at the school. In my free time, I always think what I can do to improve my program. When I program or study programming, I forget to sleep and have meals.

The National Technical College Programming Contest is held annually in Japan. I participated in the contest with my classmates every year. I spent more than three months on making program for the contest every year. In my third challenge, I won a special prize. However, I couldn’t win any prize for other challenges.

After I graduate the college, I want to be a professional programmer and make computer games. I enjoy playing computer games, and I enjoy making these too. However, my games are not good quality because of lack of my programming skill. To make better quality game, I study programming.

I want to make computer games by profession, but I would also have to make other kinds of programs. So I study many programming languages because some languages are useful for making game programs and other languages are useful for making other kinds of programs. For example, C++ is very useful for making high-performance games; And Perl is very useful for making web applications. I’ve spent a lot of time making and studying programming, and I will continue to do it in future. I believe that programming is my life.