Popularity of Animation

Yohei - Ishikawa, Japan
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that all good animation is coming from Japan. Because there is a lot of Japanese animation all over the world and Japanese animation is regarded as high quality around the world. I would like to write about why Japanese animation is popular.

There are many Japanese animation programs, loved by people in the world. For example, Dragon Ball is one. In NZ, people including young and middle-aged watched Dragon Ball. This animation was about an exciting battle and I think people in the world really loved it. U.S. animation is also high quality. Spiderman is one example. He is very active and I have once thought as if I were him. However, I prefer Japanese animation to U.S. because the picture is very clear and easy to see, and the story is much more interesting.

I believe animation is decided by its story, so the story must also be very attractive. More than 80 %( Comic magazine in 2004) of people who watch animation think that the story is more important than the animation. So, even if the animation is good, the story must also be good. The story is the core of every animation. The worse the animation’s story is, the worse the evaluation of watchers is. However, if the graphic is very bad, we won’t want to see the animation.

All animation depends on the stories and graphics. There are many great creators of them in Japan. Their imagination is better than the others. Their technique of drawing is better than the others. So, I believe that all good animation is coming from Japan.