My Experiences

Yuka - Ishikawa, Japan
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in my experiences. Can you believe in yourself? I believe in myself because my experiences tell me how to solve my troubles.

When I was 10 years old, I was in the hospital, because I was under very heavy stress. So my weight went down and down in a short time. But nobody knew what was wrong with me. The doctor thought I just got a bad flu. So my weight was same as 7 year olds in Japan. It meant I was dieing. But finally, the doctor solved the problem and I went to the right hospital for caring.

My life in the hospital was very shocking for a 10 year old girl. There were a lot of kids from ages 6 to 15. I was the youngest girl in the hospital. Some kids looked fine but they had problems in their mind like me, and some kids couldn’t walk, eat by themselves or talk well. But I loved the life in the hospital because everybody had different problems and opinions. I learned that some people can’t talk or write but I could know what they are thinking and feeling, because our hearts were so close to each other. Also, I learned not to be sorry for them because, they were happy to live. I stayed there for 6 months. I lost my weight for just 1month but it took a very long time to be fine.

Now, I’m fine. I have learned for another 10 years but, I have learned a lot more things and feelings in just 6 months than I did in many years. I think the time spent with them taught me very important things, such as life is beautiful. My vision has changed. Sometimes I feel anxious, but my mother said to me “you are lucky because you have had more excellent experiences than other kids. The experience toughens your skin and makes your skin thicker.” So I’m proud of my experiences that I have had.

I want to say to everybody who is feeling anxious, “I don’t ask you what you have done before because you are building on your experiences and everybody loves you so don’t worry.” Having a wide view will help you when you get problems and your experiences will make your problem feel not so big. You can solve it because you did it before. These reasons are why I believe in experience.