Charles - biloxi, Mississippi
Entered on November 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

My sixty year old grandfather rises slowly from his old worn recliner and begins

cautiously making his way to the bathroom. As he sluggishly walks passed I hear him grunt to himself ” I hope I pee this time”. I grin and continue sitting on the couch watching opening day and quietly saying to myself “I hope my Cubs can win the pennant this year”. Then I realized that I “hope” a lot. Not just me either everyone has these intangible feelings called hope. A old baseball curse or a grapefruit sized prostate we all always hope for something better.

I believe in hope. Where does hope come from? Hope does not just appear out of thin air it is created in the most unexpected places. This past semester in college, I chose to focus my writing (chose meaning forced by my English comp teacher) on my feelings on Hurricane Katrina. Most of my essays do not stress much of the hardships I suffered, but the way I worked through these hardships. On my return to my home to the Mississippi Gulf Coast a few days after that sad august day, I drive in looking at destruction and looking for chaos. Instead of chaos, I saw something much more refreshing. I saw hope. Volunteers left and right assisting people in gutting houses and picking up debris. Churches acting as free medical clinics and food and supplies were coming by the truckload. I felt like there little grieving and panic but much resilience and empowerment. This gave me hope, this gave America hope.

So I encourage each and everyone of you to get your hopes up. Hope causes reaction and reaction causes change. so I beg you, please hope for that promotion at work, or that new phone for Christmas (hint mom). Because when it seems that all hope is lost that is usually when it shows up.